What's the Buzz?


"Everyday I ask my daughter how dance was?" She says, " mom it is totally amazing and  I love it. I finally feel like I have a "real" dance instructor."

"I just wanted to say thank you! My daughter had a blast tonight and cried because she didn't want to leave. she can not wait till next week. "

"Hands down seeing Ms. Lindsay and dancing" was her answer to the best part of her day.

My daughter is ecstatic about the kick line and about the fan kick!

"Ms. Lindsay, I get to do the next clinic! My mom signed me up!!!!"

My daughter's eyes almost popped out of her head when I told her what their new song was.....

Thanks for always choosing such fun upbeat music that the girls enjoy!

"The Mary Poppins production number was so fantastic. I cried!"

"It is truly amazing to see how these girls have improved over the years. My granddaughter started when she was 7!"

"ICD always has the best costumes!"

"All of our Ruby dancers have improved so much and have become such confident little dancers!"

"What an awesome weekend for our dancers! It has been such a pleasure watching our girls grow so much this year as a team!"

"Way to go ICD! What an incredible season!!"

"The Recital gets better & better....!"

"My girls are so excited for the new season!"

"Thank you for hosting the team banquet. It was awesome! You put so much thought into each individual award. What a great celebration!"

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